Amethyst Crystal Point 3 for $5

Amethyst Crystal Point 3 for $5

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Amethyst's powerful healing energy, transmutes lower vibrations to higher frequencies. Amethyst is a fantastic option for working with the Third Eye Chakra since it connects the earthly world with the spiritual realm. It also helps to improve intuition and psychic skills by providing a beautiful calm vibe for meditations. Amethyst stimulates and opens the Crown Chakra, making it easier to connect with the divine. Working with Amethyst can help to increase spiritual awareness and knowledge, as well as promote a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst aligns and fosters spiritual growth by clearing and repairing gaps in the aura and drawing in Divine energy. 

Crystals size: 1”- 2”

From Brazil

Crystals Will be Picked Randomly and may appear only slightly different than pictured